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Rebuilding Futures Day

Have you had meningitis? Would you like to find out what help and support is available to you? If so, our Rebuilding Futures Day - taking place in March at Austin Court in Birmingham – is for you. The day – aimed at adults who have had meningitis - will also focus on the challenges faced and provide the opportunity for those attending to meet others who have a meningitis experience.

More information is available at meningitisnow.org/support-u...


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This sounds good and I think would be very helpful. Great that it is for us adults who have had meningitis. It is too far away for me, but I encourage anyone living near enough to go, to do so. Thanks Claire for bringing it to our attention.

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Great that this is happening and creating more awareness for the after effects of viral meningitis . I live in Denmark so too far to travel.

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