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Meningitis Now
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Need a guide

My brother Was diagnosed with Meningo encephalitis and hospitalized on September 18 /2017 .He was 12 days at hospital with several punctures of spinal fluid , MRI , tacs of all his body. On a colonoscopy drs found ulcers in the ileon.He was taking antibiotics plus all kind of med. They were not sure what causes the menengitis.

Left the hospital after 12 days and a week later He had a kind of paralysis on his right part of his body and had to go back to hospital.

Again more and more exams.

Today after 3 months He is taking cortisone to reduce Brain inflamation, a medicine for reducing ileon inflamation due ulcers and Immunocal to mantain his inmunitary system up.

The worst thing for him is that when he is siting and apparentely pressing his back when he stand up he feels a lot of pressure in his temples with a loud sound in his Brain and sometimes a type of momentary and involuntary movements of his arm and leg on one side of his body .

Can you please advice if this is a sequel of the menengitis and if ileon ulcers are part of the VM .

Would appreciate a lot your advices , a little guide and experience as my brother and all of us are suffering.

My brother is 52 years old and always has been very healthy.

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I don't know not a doctor. My guess is a lot of rest no lifting anything no stairs short walks he has to listen to his body if it hurts stop .do this for 2 to 3 months and no work it should get better maybe not 100% hopefully 80% .I know how hard it is I had vm two year in a row good luck and God bless helpman



I'm not a doctor either, but I have had, After my VM, momentary and involuntary movements of my arm and leg on left side of my body. And they were during a cortisone treatment also. Would think there is a causation there, or what?


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