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Hi. I am 45 and got meningitis and encephalitis last May. I was in hospital for about 6 weeks and can’t remember the majority of that time. I am feeling a lot stronger now but get tired very quickly. The dizziness and balance is the worst. Not sure how long this will last or will it ever go away. My feet hurt and I get pins and needles in my face. I guess it’s just to stay as positive as Possible.

If anyone has the balance issue maybe any suggestions let me know.

Thanks for all your stories it really helps to hear there is light at the end!

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Had bacterial meningitis in December 2015 with balance issues afterwards. After a year of this was referred to physical therapy. Improved, but still have my good & bad days. Difficult to do exercises with no energy but have to build up stamina. Good luck to you, I hope this helped!

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As the holiday season is quickly approaching, my Hospital Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is waking up! 😢❤️ I’ve been dreaming about my Four months of Initial Diagnosis Of BM , Induced Coma Hospital Stay. December 26,2016 - April 13. 2017. Hospital, for 1 and 1/2 days at Acute care Rehab Kessler WO ( Superman’s rehab,then complication COPD off to another Hospital ER. back to Acute Care Rehab, Kessler WO, awesome Care and Rehab gallons of IV Antibiotics. Without any bladder control it got interesting always sitting in a puddle witch produces a bed sour and unheard of embarrass ment needing to be changed constantly. And loads of attention to the back of me. Waking up in a cold sweat temporarily back in that helpless state


I've had VM (apparently I have Mollaret's Meningitis) 5 times since 1980, accompanied by encephalitis twice, and the last time also went into renal failure, which I Thank God pulled out of about an hour before they started dialysis. I've had balance issues for quite a while now, and have developed neuropathy which apparently can begin with VM caused by Herpes. After the 5th time with VM it was discovered that I carried a patch of Herpes in my brain and instead of showing up as cold sores, shows up as VM brought on by sinus infections. I am 65 yo now and have decided that I will NOT let this rule my life. I am now on daily doses of Valacyclovir and knock on wood have not had an attack for about 5 years now. All I can say is to see a good neurologist and have him advise you on your balance issues and just walk close to walls so there's always something to grab onto when you start to tip! Otherwise, be thankful for every day and just "go with" this saying - they're not really the Golden Years, more like the Rusty Years and it takes a strong will to survive them! This isn't meant to be flippant because I know how devastating VM is, but is meant more as encouragement to not let them and the resulting issues rule your life. Good thoughts to you for complete recovery, and Btw, yes, my feet hurt all the time too. Really good support shoes/sneakers have been real savers for me. Sadly, tho, no more "cute" shoes. Oh well, things COULD be worse, just watch the news and you'll see what I mean. I'm just thankful I didn't die when I came so close to it - I still have LOTS of living left to do!


Hi Joconn

Its a hard one to stay positive haha but yea just try your best!

My right ear drum burst and so because it was damaged and healing i could hardly here once i came out of hospital and i found once i was well enough to get up i couldn't walk! I was in hospital 3wks and at home recovering for at least half a year, and i started to walk about 4months after being at home with help from family and friends holding me just out of my house/garden and back in and kept trying until i could walk up my street, then round the block etc

I presume it was because my ear was healing and my body head was getting used to things again🤗


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