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My daughter is 5 and got meningitis b has been treated for 5 days now. Still getting spikes in temp ect but stays awake no longer then 30 mins with a 3/4 hr nap. How long would this last for? Will walking where her out quick (as thinking to get her a buggie for walking to town , doc school ect head working at 100mph at the mo want to make sure i got all she needs b4 they tell me im alowed to take her home x

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I had Bacterial Meningitis this past. April. I spiked a fever for three weeks following the diagnosis . It is good for her to sleep . Five days is much too soon into the illness for your daughter to be doing anything else but sleeping and resting. The sounds and the lights are bothering her now and will for a few more weeks . I only speak from my own experience and realize that everyone's recovery is different . However , in this early stage of the infection , sleep and rest , low lights and soft sounds are best. You should start to see her becoming her old ( or perhaps I should say) her young self in a few weeks. It takes time . I am not quite myself yet and it has been 6 months or me however , I am not a child . Children tend to heal quicker .

Please keep us informed on your daughters progress. Other parents on this website can share with you their children's path to recovery .

Sincerely , Susie NY

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Thankyou c


Hello , so sorry your daughter has this. It's just very scary and as a parent you feel so helpless. She sounds like she is doing really well even though I know for you it seems a long way off until you have your little girl back. Kids are amazing though at recovery. My stepson had men c septeciamia and was in intensive care for five days and on a. Ward for a few weeks after. That was July and by September he was back in school on his first day. He has no long lasting effects so it seems at the moment. He is back to himself in so many ways. Psychologically he is still suffering a bit but routine and patience works wonders. He has his hearing test today. He does already have glue ear and a hearing aid so hard to judge if it has become worse but I'm pleased to say sometimes when I think it has , it turns out he just isn't listening 🙈 Walking for Him took a while as he just didn't have the energy but he was up and about a couple

Of weeks later. Does tire a bit more easily but he is back footie training etc. He has a huge fear of needles now and I don't blame him! I would too what their little bodies have gone through. Your little girl has and is doing amazing. Keep being the fab mummy you are and ask lots of questions to the Drs and nurses. Being a mum we do think about thirty years in advance and panic but it's all normal! She will need lots of rest as her body has taken a battering but just time and rest is what she needs right now . Lots of love and keep us updated how your lovely little one is doing . Xx


I am 14 months on from Bacterial Menningitis. I remember those moments of being awake and then hours of sleep.

Rest really is a great healer. It will take time and little steps help the recovery.

So young and l really hope the best for your daughter and your family.

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During my recovery rest was absolutely the best answer (after I'd finished all the meds etc). Every case is different of course, and it must be really difficult making the right decisions for someone else (rather than having the illness yourself). Anyway, for me fatigue was a big thing for probably best part of a year. I had 5 months off work.

I've said on here before, the best advice I had from my Doctor was; "If you're tired; sleep".

Looking back on my illness and the recovery I can see why people can't really understand the illness. To everyone I looked as though I was cured, I'd left hospital. But that's the start of the journey. However, although recovery is slow, in my case, it was constant.

All the best to your daughter, and just take things easy don't expect too much in the early days, weeks even months. Remember the brain has probably had quite a trauma it will take time. I had a constant headache for three months after..!



Hi, I’m 13 months past my first diagnosis and I still find I sleep for roughly 14-16 hours of the day. My doctors keep saying that when we get sick it takes our brain to help heal things but when the brain gets sick it needs to try and get better as well as heal itself which takes much longer. When I first got diagnosed I would be up for literally 2 hours a day so I’m sure the sleep is pretty standard when it comes to BM


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