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Meningitis Now
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Viral Meningitis

I had viral meningitis in July of 2017. It was caused from my genital herpes which I never knew could happen so I was very upset. Now I am just living with still being tired and sometimes pain, light sensitivity and headaches. I have read a lot about it and it said to rest but I have been working since released from hospital bc I cant afford to be off. I do get unaware of when I am having a breakout to get meds. But my infectious doctor gave me refills for valtrex to take when I have symptoms. Right now I just feel lost and confused. People don't want to be around me my friend just had a baby and she said now is not a good time to meet her I am so hurt and just feel like I should never leave the house. I just need some feed back from other people who have been through this.

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You might check out mollarets.org. Recurrent viral meningitis caused my herpes is considered Mollaret's Meningitis. It sounds like you have only had one episode, but you might find some of the information helpful.


I would check with your doctor on valtrex. I am taking 1000mg per day as a prophylactic measure to prevent symptoms from appearing. I was on 500mg before VM. I had missed two days during a mild stress related breakout when I wound up in the hospital for five days.


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