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I might have meningitis

I had a card accident two years ago hitting my had severily in the steering wheel. since the accident I have been getting headaches, terrible nausea, flu like symptoms and extreme fatigue. The blood tests do not show anything. ihavw had an MRI and its normal. i went to a couple if neurologists and they said im neurogically ok and they do not want to do a lumbar puncture. every couple of months my symptoms get worse and aggrivated if I do something too strenuous. If i get a simple cold i suffer for two weeks with fevers and it takes so long to recover. Could it bE that I got a small fracture in my skull from accident allowing bacteria to pass through the cerebral fluid making me sick? please, if anyone has had a similar experience can you share?

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There is no way you have bacterial meningitis if the symptoms you say you have had are since a car accident 2 yrs ago. Bacterial Meningitis is a sudden and serious life threatening illness that if you did not receive treatment in hospital very quickly you would die. Also I don't think it would be viral meningitis either but we are not medically trained on here and it sounds as though you have been seen by appropriate neurology specialist. It sounds more like symptoms of possibly post concussion syndrome. If you had a small fracture in your skull that surely would have been evident in the scans.


thanks for your reply and I know it may seem really far fetched. But all the symptoms are there even the stiff neck. a small hairline fracture at times may not be visible. I don't think there is any way to confirm without the lumbar puncture and there is no way I can convince a doctor to provide one without a solid medical reason. Its my brain and I'm afraid and don't really know what to do...


I agree with strawberry cream, I'm no expert but having witnessed BM first hand, your symptoms aren't accute enough, (not saying by any means your not suffering,) but it's not something you recover from and then it re occurres every few months. BM is a medical emergency, and hours can mean life or death.

The stiff neck and other problems could Be related to the accident, following a nerve or muscle damage. I've had neuralgia that's started in my neck and travelled right the way up my head. Did you have any physio?? You mentioned about it taking a while to get over simple colds. It maybe an idea you get some independent tests for auto immune disorders. I've got hypothyroidism and am susceptible to colds that take beyond the norm to clear. I honestly don't think your dealing with meningitis, I really don't. It maybe a process of elimination you need to go through with your doctor. I hope you reach a conclusion and get your life back soon.



I also don't think you have bacterial meningitis. When my symptoms for bacterial meningitis started, there's absolutely no way I could have sat down at my computer and typed as you've done. Because my pain was so intense, I picked up my bedside phone to call an ambulance and then dropped the phone. I had to CRAWL to the front door to unlock it for the ambulance workers, because I couldn't walk. And all this time, I was SCREAMING in pain. Screaming! It's been 40 years and I've NEVER felt pain like I felt the first 3 weeks with meningitis (while in the hospital.) My legs & feet felt like they were on fire!


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