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Positive thoughts post viral meningitis

Positive thoughts post viral meningitis

I hope this will help those of you suffering the effects post meningitis . I was in hospital this time 3 years ago and have had numerous problems: my neck and spine dislocated, endure chronic migraine, lost my balance and feeling down my left side to name a few . Today I achieved my goal of climbing Kinder Scout starting at Edale in the Peak District , climbing up Grindsbrook ( a tough climb) walked on Kinder and back down to Edale, quite a hike.

I wanted to share this as it has taken me 3 years to recover . I had to do very little for 2 years , had a lot of pain and had to work hard at physiotherapy and pace myself as easily exhausted.

But if you do what is needed: rest the brain, rest the body but move a little then things will improve.

Previous posts will explain all the treatments I have used : physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture , medication and Botox plus a very healthy super food diet but most importantly patience and the total belief that I would get well again.

So I hope this helps and powers you all on to do what you need to do and believe you will improve eventually.


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Thanks, glad to hear the positive outcome.


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