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My VM occurred on July 15th 2016. Ever since I got home after five days in the hospital I get these dizzy spells. Most last 5/10 seconds and come 6/7 times every day. If I try to do something strenuous like change the battery in the car, I get dizzy spells that not only are more frequent but more intense. They will come one or two minutes apart. My doc says they are a result of my event.

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Hi, had VM dec 2015, had 2 lumbar punctures, dizzy spells, balance, vision. Tons of dr apts told damage to sensory perceptions in brain were to blame. A great eye dr put me in prism glasses, weak eye muscles from VM , but still have off days, dizzy & balance issues more if tired or stressed. I hope time helps ur current situation improve, I am not expecting to return to before VM baseline, but any improvement improves quality of life.

Good luck and take care


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I have same but central. Dizziness with no improbement almost five. Years


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