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Supporting someone with Meningitis

One of my friends is currently suffering from Tuberculous Meningitis (TBM). He is currently getting the treatment but I would like to know what I can do to support him during this time. His treatment is ongoing but it seems that he worries about not being able to make it at times and is thus under a lot of stress. Does this usually happen during the treatment?

I would really appreciate if you could help us or give us some advice as to how you mentally coped with this problem.

Thank you.

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Hi. I am sorry to hear your friend has been so ill. I had bacterial meningitis 9 years ago and I guess I had to try not to think too far ahead and to take everything a day at a time. My husband was very supportive which helped a lot. He listened to the consultants in the Intensive car unit I was in and was very aware how lucky I was to get through it. I guess it is important to understand you may have a long recovery but I also liked to do a little bit more each day to make myself stronger when I was recovering. To begin with it was little things like taking a few steps and then eventually I went to an aqua therapy class which has helped in so many ways both mentally as well as physically. Everyone is different but I'm sure that your friend will just appreciate having a supportive friend like yourself as not everyone understands the effects of meningitis. Good luck to both of you, x


Thank you very much for the advice! Currently we are trying our best to support him and keep him positive throughout the whole treatment!

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