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Viral Meningitis 1 Year on!


I caught VM one year ago now...

Still very tired, foggy head, chronic nausea, feel like I'm under the influence all the time.. very irritable.. I struggle to rest much as I have a very active 16month old Daughter who also caught Meningitus at the same time as me! It's tiring me out feeling like this all the time and I am interested in other people's experiences just to make sure I'm not going mad as I'm pretty sure all the health care providers think I am!!!

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No you are not going mad. Having such a young child would be pretty exhausting anyway. The trouble is that the medical books & training says that a persons symptoms should settle down after 2 weeks. Meningitis Now have information sheets you can download to give/show to your medical contacts. They detail the long term sode effects that a survey of people had after VM, fatigue being listed among them. Personally I my fatigue is still pretty bad after 8 months and I am still not back at work full time (nearly there). Just rest when you can, do the basics to look after your little one & yourself. Anything else will still be there when you feel up to it. Be kind to yourself & in time this will pass.

It will be a year in July since I came down with viral meningitis . I still have , foggy brain, confusion, sensory overload , poor vision and more. It has become part of my life that I have to deal with but I am thankful it is all I have left of the meningitis because I know others much worse off than myself . I'm so sorry you were going through this and your child had it as well, that is horrible .

There is a great support page Called meningitis survivors and supporters . It is for people with all types of meningitis . I thought I was going crazy for months until I found this page and realize how common it was for all these after effects and that I was not after all crazy ( well I am a little but that's besides the point 😊) I have become friends with people from all over the world going through the same exact thing and worse .

Ghyslaine_D in reply to becca823

Please what is the EXACT title of the page U mentionned ? Any link please

Many thanks

You're not going mad!! Well if you are, then so am I !! Exactly same, one year from VM diagnosis. I'm much improved compared to this time last year, but still find that I get mentally fatigued very quickly. This in turn leads to foggy head, forgetfulness, headaches and feeling generally ratty. Difficult to cope with during busy times at work. This is very unlike the 'me' prior to having VM. I understand the frustration, as it's often perceived that we should all be over this a long time ago. It does help to hear that we're not alone. I find I've had to make a good few adjustments to my lifestyle, some for the best. Mainly, I try and rest when I feel like this (not easy with a little one I know!)

Wish you all the best with your continued recovery .

I'm new to this group, and am so happy I found this site. Rebecca, as the others replied, if you're crazy we all are. I had VM from West Nile 17 months ago, and even though I am so much better I still have fatigue, headaches, fuzzy head, confusion, memory problems, etc., enough so that I have been unable to return to work. I am in the US, and have not been able to find a support group for VM, and all my physicians think I'm just making the symptoms up. I hope things get better for you soon, and your little one too.

Hi Rebecca I really feel for you and totally understand your frustration im 4 months post VM and also have small babies my youngest being 8 weeks old when I was diagnosed. I still have brain fog super heightened senses memory problems head pressure confusion and it's an absolute nightmare. I went back to work off my maternity leave 2 weeks ago but unfortunately only lasted a week to be signed off by occy health as I was just not ready nor well enough to return to my job as a nurse. I am under the care of a consultant who's referred me to a psychologist for brain training and for cognitive behaviour therapy to try and change my thought process to help me remember things so maybe speak to your doctor with this as an option for you. I have also heard cranial osteopathy is really rated. I was also advised word searches suduko luminosity help. I wish you all the best in your recovery.

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