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Joint and muscle pain

Hi everyone, I had meningitis when I was 8 months old, I am now 16. Doctors told my parent "it's just the flu", which they didn't believe, the day they New something was really wrong I had sleep all day, was turning purple and floppy (paralysed like body). So they rushed me straight to hospital and I was immediately treated for meningitis, from which they told my parents I had about 20 mins to live if the treatment didn't work straight away. Now 15 years later I have hip, knee and ankle pain, which can occur for 2 days off for a week then back for 4 days. Which is a very painful cycle when doctors and physiotherapist have no idea what's wrong. I also have random muscle spasm where I could be lying down and my leg or arm would just fly in the air without being able to control. I have no memory of my child hood under age 5. I am academically at the correct level I should be. I just want to know if these problems I have are possibly/likely to be caused from meningitis. And if there are ways of dealing with these. I never thought that these problems could have been cause from meningitis until I seen a post about similar problems from others due to it. Thank you, all replies are much appreciated as I would love to here similar issues and how you deal with them. I'm young and need to get these problems under control before it's to late.

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Hi Kirianatkt.

I think that occasionally in children, Meningitis can damage the growth plates in their bones. However, you would have been experiencing problems during your childhood if it was a problem caused by meningitis. Is this a new problem?? I am wondering if you are still going through puberty because sometimes the rapid growth can cause pain in joints and muscles. You can stop worrying about not remembering your childhood before 5 yrs old because very few people remember their childhood in the first 5 yrs so that is totally normal.


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