Meningitis without cure and Memory Loss


I have encephalitis is a kind of meningitis, It was painful. It was 3 or 4 years ago. I didn't go to the hospital at all or tell my parents. So I survive and it stops like 3 months to get rid of meningitis. I lost my whole memory. I have questions about my memory. Where I was born or how many friends I make and more. It pretty hard to remember my talents, hobbies, and importance memory. Also, I forgot who I was before meningitis started. Every years I have same meningitis illness and it get stronger. But I don't give up. I know my memory is somewhere in my brain and I need to find it. Before it gone forever. I try to remember but It wasn't easy for me.

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  • I am wondering as you didn't go to hospital how do you know that you had encephalitis?

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