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Hi. I was struck down in April this year with bm pneumonia and sepsis. Things were touch and go for the first week while in a coma. I came out of it and as my life has changed so much since I'm not sure it was a good thing. My hearing is severely affected. Memory is hit and miss and mood swings lows and tears seem to rule my life. My relationship of 10 years ended when it was deemed I could cope on my own. Recently I have started to fall over either sideways or backwards and I'm injuring myself. Has anyone else got experience of these falls. I live alone and it's scary.

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Hi Neil

I had pneumococcal meningitis nine years ago. My recovery was good in the end but I had to be patient for months. Like you, my hearing loss was severe (98% in both ears) and it took several months, plus the help of a great homoeopath, for it to return to normal. If you are having trouble with your feelings and mood swings, have you thought about contacting Meningitis Now? There is always someone there to talk to.

I do hope you start to feel better soon.


Sorry to hear you are having so many health and personal problems. I had BM about 25 years ago and haven't been too badly affected but I can understand how bad the after effects can be , but at least we are alive! best seek medical advice and I believe the meningitis charity can offer counselling. It sounds as if you should not live alone can you at least arrange a helpline to a friend or relative if things get scary? Sorba


Hi Sorba. Thank you for the contact. I have family that help me as much as they can but they aren't all local and have their own lives to live. When I'm not having these spells of feeling drunk all the time and falling over I get on with life the best I can and adapt to the problems. Fell again yesterday and needed paramedics out again to check what damage I had done. Thankfully only badly bruised shoulder and back not broken. I don't bother normally I don't like being a burden.


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