Meningitis Now

Ayan khan

My have virul meningitis and was hospitalise from two month. in Meningitis/Encephalitis He spent two month in hospital we bring them now home. After every third day they have temprature. They can't eat through mouth thay can't set walk talk. They have give movement to hand and legs but can't use it. They neither cry nor smile. Plz advise me what should I do. That my son recover. We give them liquid through NG tube. They are very weak. There expression is no more. Plz plz plz I am waiting from my all bother and sister advices that what should I do that my son start walk talk eating. I will pray for all of u.he has 4 year old. Plz pray for him and also share me some advices.

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So sorry to hear about these medical issues . I would contact the meningitis hot line as soon as possible, hopefully they can give you some answers, I will continue to keep your family in my prayers! 🙏


Mr Mdroney now he is talking apiwal 5 ml at morning and 5ml at night vebrdone 1 ml at night dosik .25 ml at morning and .25ml at night. But the fits come non stop even with these antipsychotic. At this morning we give them 1 ml vilum 5. That they do some rest. But they sleep very less and when they getup they tied their leg and hand and Starr jarking. Plz plz mdroney ask your doctor and advis me what should I do. My whole family will pray for you. Plzzzzzzzz help me.


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