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Chronic Aseptic Meningitis

Hi. I'm a 50 year old male, recently diagnosed with chronic aseptic meningitis. It started about 18 months ago with a strange sensation, like water sloshing around in my head. No other symptoms / problems - no head 'pain' for example. Two MRI scans, blood tests, and lumbar puncture, and still no cause identified. The sensation remains and has not changed since it began. I'm working, driving etc without any problems. My consultant is sending me to someone else for a second opinion.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of what is going on here, or is it something I'm going to have to live with?

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Have you discussed Mollarets meningitis w your doctor? Those of us w this diagnosis often have multiple chronic symptoms which last for prolonged periods.


Hi Mark, I had the head sloshing you describe the day I got sick. I tried to describe it to the E.R. doctor as like a bowl of water when I moved my head down the pressure moved to the front of my head, if I moved my head back the pressure moved to the back. My sloshing went away, I was never diagnosed with meningitis, but I strongly believe that is what I had. To me that does not sound normal or healthy. Maybe research online what other tests you could have done on your brain. There are more highly sensitive tests that can be done besides MRI and ct scan. I forget the names of them but look online. I hope you feel better. :-)


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