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meningitis meningococcal septicae

Hiya im new to the group my 14 month has just had meningitis septicae meningococcal nearly lost his life and foot but we just had the line taken out today and are home hearing test tmoz since he has had it his mood is worse he bits me and head buts me he is alot happier and more active and talktive but just a little nasty is this normal just wanting a little advice as i have no idea and just getting my head round it all

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Your hospital should have provided advice at discharge from the hospital.

Things will improve but mood swings, changes in activity are common it seems with all ages.

Check out:

I was unlucky enough to have meningitis in my late 20;s and suffered extreme mood swings, anger, despair, and happy moments and was aggressive at times with the anger. I can't imagine what its like for very young child!

Or give Meningitis now a call and talk it over with them.. You may find that helps.

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Hello I had the same and I am 63years old when I got it two years ago .When I came out of the hospital I felt angry for nothing I believe it's be cause we have been through a trama .This just lasted a few months .Because he is young he will get over it to a full recovery.I would suggest he rests plenty. As you know children are active but make him rest that's probly why he is naughty .I am still recovering after 2years had a terrible time of it but as I have said your sun is young .I am so pleased he survived and nothing major has happened to him. Good luck with his other tests keep me posted if you can. Love to you all 1251 Jean


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