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Long term effects of bacterial meningitis

I have only just become aware of this forum and it has been heartbreaking to read the personal experiences of sufferers and families. My daughter was diagnosed with bacterial meningococcal septicaemia after repetitive visits to the doctor at 10 weeks old back in 1984, the only symptoms being an "unusual" cry on being picked up, a high temperature and generally being off colour (no rash at all, or vomiting). On the final visit one ankle had swelled a little, and a locum doctor was astute enough to send us straight to hospital where she underwent a lumbar puncture and was on antibiotics in the HDU. During her 3 week stay, her other knee swelled, and she had an operation on this to remove fluid (infected presumably). Thankfully after a very traumatic time she recovered with no noticeable side effects as far as we know (the only follow up she received was a hearing test whilst young). She is now in her early 30's but for the last 6 months or so has complained of pain in this particular knee and I am beginning to think this is directly related to her illness all those years ago, as I recall the possibility of arthritis developing, being mentioned at the time. Wonder if anyone else has experienced this, and has any advice please?

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Thank you for sharing your daughters positive recovery from bacterial meningitis when she was a 10 wk old baby. It must have been such a terrifying and distressing time for you.

Although non of us are medically trained on here, I would also think that the inflammation and infection she had in her knees would increase your daughters susceptibility to arthritis in those joints. Although life style issues such as sports injuries, diet and weight and exercise could influence too. I would suggest that she makes an appointment with her GP for assessment, investigation and treatment if required.

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Dear margarine, glad to hear the locum dr was competent and saved your baby's life. I would not think that the knee issue is as a result of BM however as suggested by strawberry cream a dr assessment would be best. All the best


See my other post on Meningitis 10 years on. Although I have and underlying condition (CKD) I do think that any trauma can cause effect later in life (acquired post trauma)

I'm in my late 30's and especially in this cold weather my right knee is causing me minor concern. (I actually was in hospital for so long and had to regain muscle and learn to walk again)

There's no harm in a checkup with a professional if theres cause for concern.


Hi there

I agree previous ailgments and illnesses or operations i think have there own issues later in like feeling the cold more and being more susceptible to things like arthritis and pain etc🤗


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