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Dear all,

It's Antony again. Unfortunately I don't have good news. She's alive and mentally healthy, but we saw some signs of septicemia. The infection isn't retreating from her meninges, and the doctors had to inject antibiotics during paracentesis. She will do some more tests today, including an mri and blood tests. They are are afraid of having developed septicemia and other serious complications.

I feel absolutely nothing, I'm completely numb and helpless. I don't let her see that, but I'm devastated.


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  • Hi Antony.

    Try and take each moment and day as it comes. I wasn't initially induced into a coma I had already very much gone into one as was the severity of my Bacterial Meningitis and Septiceamia. I was then sedated into a coma and ventolated so that by keeping me like that my body could put all its fight into beating the illness. Several attempts were made over time to bring me out of the coma but all that happened was that I got agitated and they had to sedate me again. Eventually 3 weeks later, against the odds of me not being expected to survive or be severely physically and mentally handicapped, I came out of the coma and I am back home single parenting my son! It can and does sometimes get worse before it gets better and you have to put your faith in the fact she is still mentally aware and healthy. Have you been able to visit her yet because I note from other posts you said you were in the UK and she was in France?? That must make you worry, distress and concern much worse if you are not able to be by her side whilst she is going through this??

    My thoughts are with you both.

  • Hey StrawberryCream,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I was hoping she would be better by now. On the contrary though, every day seems to be worse. I haven't been and I won't be able to visit her. And even if I could go there, they wouldn't let me see her. She actually said she didn't want me to see her so weak. But I'll try to visit her next week.

    Thank you for your concern, but I don't care about me. I just want her to feel better.


  • Hi Antony, you said they injected her with antibiotics... What are they giving her as treatment? She should be on a constant IV of penicillin high dose to kill it. If she's only just showing signs now of septicaemia then it's advancing not retreating... I'm by no means trying to upset you but that's my opinion from my own experience. I want to help so maybe put that opinion to the doctors and see what they say?!


  • So very sorry Anthony. Hang in and keep the faith. Those antibiotics wil hopefully start to take effect very very soon and some better news forthcoming. It is so very hard to feel helpless. You just be strong for her and keep her fighting. I am praying for you both.

  • Hang in there Antony. Meningitis and its battle can be a roller coaster with good and bad days. I don't know if it's possible maybe you can arrange to speak with the treating doctors via telephone? They might be able to tell you directly what's happening and their weekly expectations.

  • Yes, Antony, she should be on a constant regimen of antibiotics. My husband how to learn how to give them to me via iv infusion after I got out of the hospital. I took those antibiotics for a total of 12 weeks. Penicillin wasn't strong enough for me. I was on a drug called Ceftriaxen.

  • Antony, everything your girlfriend is having I had it, I was stupid for two years, in wheelchair for 6 months, my coordination sucked(still a little) , I cried everyday, now I see the light, probably I am not going to get better the way I would like to, but it is better than nothing, just have patience, and support her, tell her she is going to improve, it is going to take time, but she is going to improve, her home work would be to improve, it doesn't matter, how long is going to take, but she is going to improve, let her know that, don't give up, NEVER,, you will see she is going to improve, but she needs your support more than ever, please don't let her alone.

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