49 and bacterial meningitis

I was collected from work last May by my husband feeling very unwell, I was being treated for an ear infection and thought I needed 24 hours under my duvet..... I woke up 5 days later after being in an induced coma! I couldn't work out why my visitors were tearful! The team in the ICU were amazing! I had bacterial meningitis, 8 blood clots on my brain and later developed discitis!! However I made a fantastic recovery and was home in just over 3 weeks,I hada few hiccups but was back at work full time within 4 months and with no side effects whatsoever! I feel very blessed and a year to the day my diagnosis was made I was walking the moonwalk (15.5 m) through London at night, raising over £1000 for breast cancer! I aim to raise funds for meningitis now next!

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  • Wow I am very pleased to know that your recovery one year on from meningitis and subsequent problems has been so remarkable. I admire your determination and the incredible amount of money you raised for breast cancer. I look forward to your update sometime in the future of what you do to raise money for meningitis now.

    Well done and very best wishes.

  • Thank you for your kind comments. I am trying to do the 5 valleys walk in September but depends on when my son is going off to uni (hopefully)

  • Took me a hell of a lot longer to get over it so good for you, an amazingly fast recovery. A day when there is no meningitis will be a happy one because it is a darn scary disease. All the very best to you for continued good health.

  • Me too. I was one of the lucky ones. Please keep talking about your experience - especially the sudden and dramatic onset and the fact that you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A RASH.

    I wish you all good luck for your future health and reconnection to life as it is.

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