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Hi everyone. I'm new to this site. I contracted streptococcal meningitis in December 2013. I was in hospital for 17 days then went into rehab for 4 weeks. I am now waiting to go back into rehab. The meningitis resulted in me being deaf in my left ear. My balance is impaired hence I cannot walk unaided, I use crutches. I also have all the other after effects from contracting meningitis. Unfortunately the meningitis also caused me to have a stroke. I have still not returned to work and not sure when I will be returning. Since the illnes my life has completely changed. I used to be a fit sporty and active person. Now I'm unable to do any of the sports I loved doing; but I'm determined to get back to as near as possible like I was before the illness with the help of rehab, friends and family

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Onwards & upwards, as frustrating as it gets sometimes never give up........ You have come to the right place for extra support

slowly does it.

Warmest wishes

Siobahn x

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Thank you Siobhan. I'm slowly getting there and trying my best to accept the changes in my life.


One thing I have learned-do try not to compare your pre and post Meningitis abilities.Yes,we need to go through a grieving period for what we have lost but we can get stuck there.Youhave gone through not only Meningitis but a stroke so you have a long journey ahead.I am very sure that with your positive mental attitude,you will get back your previous function but don't despair if you don't or if it takes a while.The greatest difficulty has been my loss of mobility( cant drive now) but now I have accepted this,it no longer seems so bad.I have wheelchair and friends to drive me if I need.Now,6 yrson,it is the memory loss and difficulties learning new processes that seems more of a challenge .

One step at a time...

Welcome to the forum .Sending you abig hug.

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Hi tinks, just saying quick hello and wishing you good recovery, I think your case was very serious and it will take time, boring as it is,but almost everyone here to the last person has improved over time. Mines taking more than 2 years. Anyway we are all in it together so you are not alone.


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