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Chronic fatigue after tb meningitis

Hello everyone,

Greetings for the day,

My fiancee, 21 years old contracted tb meningitis last year. Now after one year she's facing chronic fatigue and mild weakness in her right body side. can go upstairs with minimal or no support but walking straight is still issue. Please share your similar experience of fatigue and mild weakness. And what to do to make her feel better.

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I too, am still having weakness, voice/stuttering. It bothered me, as I thought I shouldn't have weakness issues this long.

I get tired easily, and nap often. Walking isn't so much an issue, other than tiring, but, kneeling down takes a great effort to get up again.

This blog helps us cope with the unknown issues, that don't seem to have an answer.




Hello - I was diagnosed with VM on 7-6-13 and I still struggle with headaches, fatigue, and muscle and joint aches. I am much better that I was a year ago but still have been frustrated with the very slow recovery process. Reading some of the folks posts here on this website have been extremely helpful and let's you know you are not alone. This is a very tough road in terms of recovery and it is going to be a marathon I am told. One thing that is repeated by folks over and over on this site is to listen to your body - rest when tired and do not over do it. I went back work way too early and have been paying the consequences for it. Keep your spirits strong as best you can and never be afraid to ask for help or go talk to someone professionally. best of luck to you!


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