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18y f. Battling effects of sm for past 10yrs. Post op mastoid removal , hydroceph, stent drain into belly. ? Cause of constant nausea ?

10 years ago daughter had strep that turned into ear infection then into mono on to spinal meningitis.became hydrocephalus. Due to pressure had mastoid removal and stent for drainage of excess fluid placed in base of spine into belly. Also battles blood clot in main jugular in neck that has never dissolved. Have (for past 10) our share of yearly hospital stays for one reason or another. But the only reoccuring for constant nausea that last for weeks not allowing any food or drink to stay down. Is the nausea due to sm? Or something else? Dr's here dont know. And is becoming more frequent lasting much longer each time. We understand that we will fight the effects the rest of her life looking for someone who may have answers

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Sorry to hear of what your daughter and the family have been through due to Meningitis. It is a devastating disease and, the after effects are often life long. Not being medically trained I can't advise re the nausea ,but would advise you to see a doctor as soon as possible if she is not tolerating food. It could be any number of things but should be investigated if it is a regular occurrence.It may or may not be linked to the Meningitis.There are effective anti nausea treatments that Gp can prescribe.

I had meningococcal septicaemia in2008,which damaged my balance/inner ears and I still have permanent vertigo and nausea. I have over the years had various anti nausea drugs, but the most effective for mei s actually Stugeron( Cinnarizine) which is available otc as travel sickness pills. Other things to try are ginger biscuits, ginger beer, oatcakes, ginger tea or peppermint tea. Also try the travel sickness bands -you can get on poundstretcher .

Please know that Meningitis Now is here to support you and the family at any time. This forum can be a good way of connecting with others and to realise that you are not alone.

Due to the nature of Meningitis and the after effects it leaves us with,we can feel so isolated. Check out Meningitis Now website to see all the support available -helpline,counselling.1-2-1 contacts, art therapy. All of the help is free and it may be that some of the above would help you or your daughter.

What age is your daughter now?

Do please keep posting -you may find it takes some time for people to answer.Due to Meningitis,many of us still struggle with health issues or memory problems.I have a hard time keeping track of posts so have to note down details or I will forget.

Take care and wishing you and your daughter al the best.


My daughter is now 18. For here it all started 8-10 years ago. First as a sinus and ear infection , then to strep throat, next mono on to meningitis and hydrocephalus.

During our months of hospital stay some of the procedures included a drainage shunt in base of spine into belly; where that stent is to relive the build up of excess spinal fluid pressure. And having to have most of the mastoid bone removed behind one ear where the sinus cavity there was to full of infection at that time for meds to work. With all of that going on she formed a blood clot in a main jugular in her neck.

As I said we have battled re occuring sickness due to pressure build up as well as our yearly visits to hospital. And we have learned what signs out of her symptoms to look for to know when to seek help. BTW my now ex-wife is an rn which sometimes helps expedite speedy recovery.

Guess the (problem) or question I am having now is that for the past 2-3 years she has bouts of extreme nausea lasting weeks at a time. Which include her going into the hospital for for iv fluids and feeding tube. Nausea get to the point nothing stays down not even water. And its becoming more frequent. And with each stay at hospital we come and go with us as parents not know whats going but the doctors as well. And of course her nausea an stomach problems may be unrelated.

Oh yeah just some fyi. My daughter is a twin . And her sister has never been sick or anything a day in her life.


Just scrolling through the posts and wondering if your daughter making any improvements re the nausea?


Its been 26 years since my hospitalization for spinal meningitis. Amazingly, no ill effects until 15 years ago, when severe dizziness and nausea hit hard. Tried every medication, otc and prescription. Amazingly, over time I found that just sipping red wine (very small amount) would immediately alleviate the dizziness and nausea. However, recently I found that just sniffing peppermint essential oil gave the same relief, only longer and without the nasty side effects of the meds and wine (the wine worked wonderfully, but as with the meds gave me a nauseous, hung-over type of feeling once it had worn off). With sniffing the peppermint oil, I get instant relief with no side effects. Just dab a bit right above the top lip and BREATHE. So much healthier this way. Hope this helps.


Wow - you are the first person to confirm my findings re red wine!!For a few years after Meningitis I did not drink,but at a wedding I allowed myself a glass only to realise my head was not spinning and I felt very much better. The effect was so dramatic that I started taking a daily glass of red wine and when I asked my vestibular specialist why this would work he explained that as my vestibular system was damaged,t he alcohol was acting as a vestibular sedative( just like my dizzy pills) and meaning that I didn't feel dizzy. Also said it may have relaxed me,as I am naturally very anxious on crutches as I always feel like I'm going to topple over.!We had a good laugh when I suggested red wine on prescription would be much preferable to pills,but also I would have ended up and alchoholic!Like you alcohol leaves me hungover,even on a glass,so I don't often have it.There was some discussion of alcohol after M ,a few years back and most said they couldn't tolerate it -so interesting to hear of your similar experience!

I am certainly going to try the peppermint oil -thanks.


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