Meningitis Now

How do you realize if you are suffering chronic meningitis ?? Please help me! Suffering headache everyday 24 hr for the last 6 months

Please, i need help, I have been suffering with continuos headache, every day the whole day for the last 6 months, I also have tingles in my hands and cold sensation in my nose , the headache get bad when I go to bed... But many times I can not sleep because I feel pulse in me head and when that happen the pain is really bad... I did MRI and scan and are ok, I have been taking medicines for migrane, for pain, medicine to relax my muscle, medicine for pressure, I've trying everything and nothing work I go to the chiropractor and acupuncture every week and is not working , I have to take every day medicine for pain to feel a little relief but the pain is always there! Do you think this can be meningitis... I feel energy, I want to do things but the headache is so bad that I can't And I stay in bed .. I just want to know how do you realize it was meningitis ?

I'm afraid I'm suffering something bad and the doctors don't realize what it is

My family doctor and the neurologist just talk about migraines, but this pain never go away, is not like people describe about migraines ...

I need your help, please! 6 months with this continuous pain and without the right treatment is to much... I sometimes feel that I am not going to be able to continue dealing with this pain... I'm feeling miserable and more miserable everyday... Any Doctor in Houston that someone can recommend me??


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Hi, I have replied to your similar post under an earlier thread, good luck


The only way to KNOW if it is meningitis is for the Doctor to do a Lumbar puncture and measure the pressure of the spinal fluid and count the white cells.

The headache has to feel like pressure, tremendous pressure buildup in your head.

I wish you well and hope you do not have meningitis nor do I wish you to have a lumbar punch. I have had two and I do not want another.


Thanks a los for your answer¡

Hope you all the best and thank you again

I'll be trying to find the cause of this pain... Hopefully is not meningitis because I really feel normal, enough energy but the continuous pain in my head and now the stiffness in my neck 24x7 is driving me crazy


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