Need help

Need help

My soul 2 years old had meningitis ,he wont let us to touch has body ,he is in coma ,crying too much ,cant do any things , my question is psytherapy gonna help my baby to let him out of coma ,well he is going to walk talk like before? He had meningitis infection

Really worry too much about him .he can moves has eyes ,some time he laugh .but dont know is he can see us? Have too much question to ask but am waiting for the best answer

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  • Hi. My father had bacterial menengitis, and from what I researched, each ase is different. My advise would be to work and stay in close contact with Doctors. Make sure the disease is cured and out of the system, first priority. After that, work with any side effects and be patient. The body can recover from such a disease. My heart goes out. Be patient, as from what I have discovered, it takes time to get all of the answers. God Bless!

  • Pmaz thanx buddy

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