Meningitis Now
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My son had meningitus about 12 years ago but I am not sure what type How do I go about finding out what type? as I am sure thats his problem

He is now a severe alcoholic and myself and his family know that his problems are not all down to alcohol like his memory and he actually believes a lot of the lies he tells. But because he is an alcoholic I cant get any help for him mentally he gets confused very easily and gets hold of the wrong end of the stick.. I just wondered if the problems he has are what is making him turn to drink because he is convinced that he cannot function without alcohol and is also very easily lead..

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Sounds like he has an undiagnosed acquired brain injury. Something we think our daughter has , as yet I am to find someone suitable to confirm this diagnosis. I have been in touch with the brain and spine website.

Good luck with the future


Unless they figured it out 12, years ago, it wouldn't be possible to find out now. After healing from Bacterial Meningitis, the bacterium are out of the body as they have been killed by the antibiotics. Not sure how it works with Viral Meningitis, but expect similarly, that there isn't a way to test his blood now and find out. It would be in his medical records from that time frame. Also, whatever agency you have similar to the USA's CDC (Centers for Disease Control) might have the information, though they may only have a case number or some other non-identifiable information. And, as he has a family of his own, I'm guessing he's an adult, you'd need his permission to view those records.

He needs treatment for both the alcoholism and the other problems together. A good counselor/therapist should be able to help with getting that started. There are medications that help to make alcohol unpalatable and taste more like the poison it actually is. The memory problems and other cognitive changes could have had their spark with the meningitis, but they have been exacerbated by the alcohol. So, both things need to be addressed. Is there some sort of rehab program he could be admitted to? Maybe an Alcoholics Anonymous program? You'd need either his permission or for a court to order him to go into such a program. Going through the courts could cause a rift between you, but as he gets treatment and comes out of the alcohol induced parts, he should be able to see you were motivated by his best interests.


GREAT response, maineknitter!!!!! I especially liked your beginning solution for looopylooo's son to look for "medications that help to make alcohol unpalatable and taste more like the poison it really is."

I'm a BM survivor and the LAST remedy I'd use is alcohol! One of our (BM survivors) main objectives is to restore our pre-BM mental alertness and energy. Alcohol would severely DETER that progress, not HELP it! Sounds to me like drinking alcohol is more important to him than attacking any meningitis after effects.

My suggestion would be that he start with help for his alcoholism.


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