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I was 18 months old when I got VM and I live with it everyday

Hi everyone, first time on this site and I have read all the sad stories about illness and the fact that no one understands. So I thought I would share my story. I understand the feeling like you are a freak and no one understanding what you went through/ going through. I have had it all my live and I have side affects that I cannot control. I was 18 mths old when I had it. unfortunately for me I remember all of it, the pain, being in a hospital room, no one was aloud to see me and I had so many tubes coming out of my arms I felt like a pin cushion. Unfortunately I died for 2 minutes and my Brian shut down. I had to learn to walk, talk and function like a human being again. Yes, I am normal but unique. I have lost 1 percent of the left side of my brain but gained 1 percent that no one should have on the right side of my brain. The doctors wanted to do experiments because it was not possible but I refused. I sleep with my eyes open and have body shudders but beside all this I am alive, healthy and happy and getting married next year. People think I am a freak/ disabled, when i am not, but to look at me i am normal, function like anyone else. All I can say is that although it is a disease and life altering, We all find a way. Don't worry about what other people think. I know it's hard but in the long run you will thank yourself for being strong and getting well. I have typed too much now but if anyone wants to know more in detail I am more than happy to share and would love to hear your experiences.

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what a great post, yes you are a unique.......Adjective

Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

and that is something to be proud of.

And i bet you cannot wait to get married, well done to the hon :)


Thank you. I am proud of what i am. I Cant wait for my wedding, it is going to be beautiful. How are you though? I saw your picture. Is that recent?

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No i am looking normal now, LOL well as normal as i can. this was me 18 months ago, yes i bet you cannot wait for your wedding it will be the start of your new life!!!! best of luck mate :) Just thought better do a B4 & after photo, so have changed it. Then it can show i no longer look like a person on deaths door :) Haaaaa


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