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My sister in law is mentally handicapped and, due to her father being 91, she now lives with full time carers. He is wondering if the state have any claim on his very low 5 figure savings in respect of future care for her. He has no other assets. I am of the opinion that they don't, but would appreciate the opinion of more knowledgeable and informed people than me on these matters.

Many thanks

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Hi No her fathers savings would not be taken into account in respect of care for her. Is he her appointee or is someone else. If his savings are in his name only, it’s his savings only, and would not be taken into account for her care. If he is on state benefits there are limits to savings. Does your sister in law have her own savings in her own name, or in a joint account with her father?

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Hi there. No she has no accounts in her name or joint, and her father has no financial input at all. Her benefits are all paid to her carers.

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That’s good to hear, obviously I’m not an expert but think I can say with certainty that his money would not be expected to be used towards his daughters care needs.


Please do call our helpline ( ) if you have any questions about money/benefits.

Many thanks


Many thanks Sarah. We'll certainly do that.

Dear David

Thank you for getting in touch. It might be an idea to contact

You could also contact

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards


Thanks a lot Kieran - I'll do that

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