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Looking for information regarding my sister’s disability

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Hi everyone,

I have just joined mencap today after recommendations.

My sister is 25 years old with cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. She is also wheelchair bound and needs to be looked after 24/7 as she is unable to move and heavily dependent on me as I am her main carer.

My mother and I used to care for her together but sadly our mother passed away two months ago and all caring responsibilities are on me now.

We had been fighting to stay in this country for the last 14 years which means during those years my sister have never received any benefits, social worker or support she deserved. After a lot of struggle we were allowed to remain in this country last month and now able to claim all the support. We have applied for a national insurance number and everything etc and still waiting for the decision. My sister isn’t able to make her own decisions due to lack of mental capacity. Social worker have assessed her and confirmed this in the report. Social worker have also made a care plan for my sister which is approved now and now the local council will fund for her day care centre in order for me to have some rest and carry on with my life while she is away for few hours everyday.

I am just wondering if she can also apply for a universal credit and PIP? What else she may be able to apply? As well the current accommodation isn’t well equipped and suitable due to her needs. What can be done about it?

Any help/info will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi the council can come out assess needs for disabled facilities grant, you need to ask for a carers assessment for you contact carers U.K. association and there’s a carers allowance you maybe able to apply for as well. Also your sister should get council tax reduction as well speak to the council about that. She can also apply for PIP and mobility allowance so you can have the money or a car which we have always chosen. You can get a blue badge through the county council in your area. You can get a C.E.A. Card if you like to go to the pictures and reduced theatre tickets and your local council should do a leisure access card. The carers association have a small grant you can apply for for yourself as well. I have a deputyship for my son for property and finance and health and well-being these as not the easiest of forms but so worth while doing check out the gov.uk website. You can contact your utility company’s and inform them you have someone living in the property with a disability so if your heating electric ect goes down they will come out quickly to support you. If I think of anything else I will let you know ask away as many questions as you need and we will do our best to help you

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Mq123 in reply to Jofisher

Hi, Thankyou for your reply and lot of information. Much appreciated!

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Your very welcome good luck

Welcome to this community forum. You’ll learn loads from the posts people put on each day. Another source of advice for you and your sister is citizens advice bureau citizensadvice.org.uk/. Book to speak with someone who can help you find out about and apply for the many things you are both entitled to. They are really helpful. Good luck, sounds like you are an amazing sister.

Wow am so very sorry you had this awfulness happening to you.

Yes you are entitled ti get all the benefits your allowed , including DLA with Motability car.

And you to are entitled to get carers allowance. Glad the social worker has done the asseememts.

Take care.

Hello. As an adult she should apply for PIP. She will be assessed to see what rate she will get, it’s either standard rate or enhanced. There are two parts - care and mobility. She will only be able to get a motability car if she has the enhanced rate for the mobility part of PIP. She may get a different rate for each part.

She will also be entitled to universal Credit. There are different rates for this also but it sounds like she should be in the LCWRA group as she cannot work.

My son is 22 and we’ve never got reduced council tax but its worth looking into.

Hello everyone, Thankyou so much for all the information. Much appreciated . I will look into everything explained in this post. Just one more question will it affect my sister’s benefits if I work part time/self employed while she is away at day care centre?

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BenjiB in reply to Mq123

No, your income will not affect your sisters benefits as she’s an adult. If you were going to claim carers allowance for yourself though you can only earn a certain amount.

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Mq123 in reply to BenjiB

Ok that’s great. Thanks a lot for the information. Much appreciated 😊

hello Mq123

Welcome to this community.

I am so sorry that your mother passed away. This must be a very difficult time for you, particularly as you are now doing all the caring for your sister.

I hope some of the other posts on here help. Just a few ideas from me:

> please do call our helpline 0808 808 1111 or email helpline@mencap.org.uk and talk to one of our advisors. Applying for benefits can get tricky, and it is really good if you can talk it through with someone who is an expert.

Citizens Advice are also really good and it would be worth seeing if there is one near you who can help - citizensadvice.org.uk/

> as a carer it is really important that you get the support you need. See if there is a local carers centre near where you live. It is a great chance to meet other people who are in a similar situation. They may have their own benefits advisors too.

> you and your sister are likely to be grieving for your mum. There are lots of charities that can help support you (for example - cruse.org.uk/). Your GP would also be able to help.

There is a page on Mencap's website that may to useful too called 'dealing with bereavement' - mencap.org.uk/advice-and-su...

Best wishes


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Hi, Sorry to see you are having a difficult time. Please do copy and paste this onto one of our webforms, so I can get you on the waiting list for one of our Information & Advice Officers to get in touch with you. Unfortunately Benefits are a very tricky subject but if we can't help they may know of an organisation that can support you with this.


Also please do use our Grief chat on the link Sarah has provided when you feel ready as you will get to chat to a bereavement councillor.

Kind Regards

Lyndsey Matthews

Contact & Assessment Team Advisor

The Learning Disability Helpline

Hi Mq123, I can see you've had loads of really useful advice above, I wondered how you were getting on? Hope things are as well as they can be for both you and your sister at the moment. Fx

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