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Recovering from COVID

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I have just reviewed a leaflet for my local hospital trust, as part of their patient panel, regarding revoering from COVID. I thought it would be useful if there was an easy read version also. For all the trolling of the web I could not find one! Plenty about the restrictions and vaccinations, but nothing on what you can do to aid your recovery, all thought there was plenty in various languages. Anyone know of a leaflet?

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Hello NorthernDad

This is a really good point. I am not aware of any specifically on this but I am asking around.

I have also trawled through the internet without much success. Here are a few ideas that might help - has links to lots of different sorts of information - there is lots of information on here, but it isn't accessible. I thought this page was particularly helpful -

Best wishes


NorthernDad and Sarah_Mencap is there anything I can do to help? I can make widgit style easy read PDF files as I have a widgit online subscription,I can also host it if needed to as I recently got myself shared hosting.I just need the info for what woud be needed on this as I find Covid-19 very confusing.

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NorthernDad in reply to LDAutie

It is very much taking the info on the websites links from Sarah and putting in to easy an easy read document. If you check the eassy read info on the mencap site this is the style. You need to be aware that many of the images used are copyright to photosymbols so cannot be used without license.

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LDAutie in reply to NorthernDad

Hi NorthernDad, I don’t have access to photosymbols but I have made a number of easy read info sheets, schedules and quite a big guide as I’ve worked with two art organisations last year through my supported art studio,venture arts,but I understand if its the standard photosymbols style you are in need of though.

The one I use is the classic widgit style symbols,PECS type, when you write out sentences,symbols pop up above each word-but you can change the symbol,it depends on the template you use as well.

If you think this woud be of use,I can make it between today/tomorrow.

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NorthernDad in reply to LDAutie

No I am not bothered about photosymbols, it was just a warning as I have seen people copy them for existing leaflets unaware of the copyright. Any easy read leaflets are welcome and it would be interesting to see one on recovery along the lines of the would be very useful, many thanks

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LDAutie in reply to NorthernDad

Sorry I have not answered back yet-I’ve had a very bad evening but I will have the easy read in your e-hands tomorrow.😁👍🏻

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