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PIP claim


i am new to this so please forgive me if it's rambling. i am trying to claim PIP for my adult daughter with learning and mobility difficulties. She have just received a decision with a score of 0 points for everthing because she sounded really good on the telephone assessment! everything on the original form was totally disregarded.

has anyone else had this experience?

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Hi absolutely the most stressful thing ever. Twice it’s ended up in a tribunal. First time taking away my sons mobility component which he had to live without for 2 years. Then when it was time for his review we fought tooth and nail and he won it back. My son has moderate learning disabilities. The very first assessment he had we both thought went well, but when the report came back he scored almost nothing even though the evidence was all there in front of them, so had to take it to a tribunal. He won the daily care component but lost the mobility part. Two years later when the re-assessment was due we were more prepared but still had to take it to tribunal. It really is the most difficult thing we’ve had to do, and probably will have to continue to do, even though this is a life long condition that won’t ever go away or get any easier for him. I have noticed though after the second tribunal win he is now on the disability register which hopefully might make things a bit easier for the next time. Hope I haven’t put you off. All I can say is make sure you have lots of evidence and stress how your daughters disabilities affect her daily life, and don’t give up, Good luck.

missumaggie in reply to Clouds12

Thanks for the advice. My daughter is great on the phone and sounds much more capable than she really is. They seem to have taken everything she said and exaggerated it to make it sound like there isnt a problem even though the form and supporting evidence was all there. I am so angry with them.

Clouds12 in reply to missumaggie

I’m sorry to say but this is what they do, don’t give up, seek help and advice from CAB.

missumaggie in reply to Clouds12

Thank you

Hi , yes I had the same with my son , I rang Citizens advise and made a appointment to see them , they helped me do a appeal, think have so long to log this , but I won my appeal , I understand u can’t visit CAB but u can still ring them , hope this helps ,

missumaggie in reply to Kaneo

Thanks, it's good to know you successfully appealed. It gives us hope we will get there in the end


Hello missumaggie

No need to apologise - you are in just the right place to ask these sorts of questions.

What a difficult situation, it sounds like you really should appeal the decision.

Citizen's advice (CAB) have a lot of information on their website here -citizensadvice.org.uk/benef...

It would also be worth see if you talk to your local CAB about it.

Please also call our Learning Disability helpline for a chat with one of our advisors. The Learning Disability Helpline is our free help and advice line.

Our advisors are available from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday on 0808 808 1111.

Or you can email helpline@mencap.org.uk.

Best of luck with this.


Thank you, I will send off for a mandatory reconsideration, I've heard they are rarely successful but fingers crossed. I will definitely ring the helpline!

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