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learning disabilities

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I'm wondering if you can help how do i go bout a learning disabilitiy assessment i had one 11 years ago but ive been told i need a another but i need to find out how i go bout it

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Hi izzy

I would think your 1st step would be your gp they will send you for an assessment and also you will have any previous assessments on your file. Hope you get sorted 👍

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izzy83 in reply to Kazbail

Thank u I will contact GP I'm struggling a tiny bit at moment I have bpd and anxiety too so Ive been up and down like a yo yo but I'm planning a chat with my GP soon as need to sort my meds


Who told you that you need an assessment? If it is for your disability benefit I believe that they organise that and do have their own doctor.

I know it is easier said than done but try not to worry about things. The person who says you need another assessment I would get back to and ask why ? And how you go about getting this assessment, surely if they want you to have this done they would know how to get this organized.

If your happy with the "why" you need one, go to your gp or cahms.

Good luck

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the mental health specialist said it might be a good idea to have one to see where i am at the moment yea our early years family support worker is going to look at finding out where i go and how i do it

If you are struggling with anxiety you can also ask your gp for a referral or self refer through your local Wellbeing service.

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izzy83 in reply to Galwaybay2

yea ive just had 8 weeks of peri natal counselling and they watched me over video calls bond with the baby they have now discharged me they have said i need to get grief counselling as im still getting over my mums death which was 19 years ago and i need rape counselling due to the abuse i suffered as a kid but ive got to referrals myself

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Galwaybay2 in reply to izzy83

It's a busy time with a young baby but it might be a good time to make that call and get on the list. Later on Rape Crisis will be there for you. The doctor probably told you where to call?

I'm glad someone is helping you to get this assesment done. If nothing comes from your help ask your mental health specialist to find out for you or go to your gp. All the best, and take care.

Amazing. I think you should go for an update test.

In my son's case, the psychiatrist avoided tracking his LD Test results having seemingly mislaid them in order to do what they wanted with him, visit him when they want to, and keep accommodation and support costs low.

The Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust hub for psychiatry in the community - Union House, mislaid my son's test results and refused to acknowledge he is learning disabled even though the Addenbrookes Hospital consultants always respect he is learning disabled.

Ignoring his test results means there is no protection when psychiatric staff walk in on him unannounced and cause him to be anxious by asking him questions he does not know the answer to. They ignore that his being anxious causes further problems with his dysfunctional cerebral vascular system as his heart rate goes up, and, when a hospital consultant requested a new test, they messed this up by not allowing me in the kitchen to make sure he was less afraid of the tester.

The re-test has yet to be completed, and also a dissociation therapist has yet to be allocated. He cannot talk about himself except in the third person as they have dis-empowered him, and they ask for an official diagnosis for that as if they have any idea how to get one.

It's called negligence and contributes to why 100,000 mental health patients die annually in the UK, premature deaths and avoidable.

This is a sort of holocaust, apparently a political decision, like limiting PPE in care homes, a policy designed to cull the population of the old and the disadvantaged.

Visiting care workers are still not obliged to wear masks in the homes of people with learning disabilities, anyway as far as I can tell.

How is it happening ? The PALS and official complaints systems are designed to dysfunction, the advocacy charity - Voiceability is also muzzled because of how it is funded, the GMC does not care, and the Care Quality Commission probably has to fall in line with government policy or it too would be disbanded. This is protracted homicide or the numbers would not exist. They only are surfacing now because of a WHO report on psychiatric patients dying 10 - 20 years before they should. Apparently, the RCP say all the foundation trusts should examine the causes of death. If only they would demand circumstances are changed to avoid the wretched statistic.

100,000 deaths in a 20 year period is two million deaths. When will there be enough deaths for us all to say STOP IT ?

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