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So I like what has been said, there is never a dull moment in cancer land. To make an ungodly long story short.. Ryan’s miracle of a scan was false. The gentleman who interpreted it, failed to use his eye balls and medical degree. He has read Ryan’s scans wrong twice now. Once in March, and now in July. Ryan still has active cancer. He has two lesions in his stomach area where it all previously was. He is currently admitted in the hospital since Sunday morning at 5:00 AM. He has a small bowel obstruction which we are still trying to fix and understand. My poor baby has an NG tube in trying to decompress and suck out any stomach contents. We will know a lot more today. Prayers greatly appreciated and needed 🙏🏻

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Oh Kelly, I am praying for Ryan, and will get my prayer warriors on it. I pray that everything turns out ok, and they are able to get him back on track.My prayers for you as well. Stay strong, I know that’s hard. Love to you both. I am so grateful someone rechecked them, never even occurred to me

I know this is not the time, but this guy should be fired immediately, and also how did they even ever know he did them wrong to have them re- checked.

Love and prayers




You and Ryan are held extra closely in my heart right now.

No only is there an issue with the radiologist, but the oncologists we have all worked with physically look through the scans, too. I'm sure once you have Ryan stabilized this will be a directed conversation of highest concern with these practice groups, including a "and what are you going to do about it" ending.

Whoever took another look is to be thanked, because the lab numbers did not comport with the scan results, but time was lost and management decisions may have been different.

Ok, my righteous outrage with yours can now quiet down.

but melanoma sucks big time right now.

Standing with you,


That is so maddening! I would take it one day at a time and try to get him through the issues he is having in his stomach first. After that there should be a really transparent and serious conversation about who looks through what..... . As Missy already mentioned...even with the radiologists error, the oncologist should have at least seen the numbers and images weren't making sense.

Big hug for you both <3


Oh no! In my experience it’s important to have second / third opinions on scans (not the reports!). And do not assume oncologists look at scans - in my experience they often look at the reports only. Radiation oncologists and other interventionists (sp?) will also look at scans from their perspectives which differ a lot from in-patient providers and oncologists. 🙏🏽

That is an excellent point. I'll remind my husband to ask oncologist to see if they have reviewed his PET scans in addition to report.

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