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The ME Westminster Hall Debate


Well! Emotions ran high both in the chamber and amongst the viewers. We were heard with issues raised. Whether the minister actually acts is another matter.

Main issues:

We are invisible with poor health care, social care, education, benefits and support.

NICE must consider CBT and GET as whilst the harm they are reported as causing is known the minister for health will not intervene.

We can refuse treatment that we consider harmful

Legal challenges will occur to all that continue with harmful and/or absent services

It is for health care professionals to keep up to date so ignorance of ME and current literature is no defence

There is a training program for doctors, not sure what this is or the content

The MPs that spoke on our behalf stand with us and insist that our voices are heard

ME is a research priority although it was made clear that all non-psychological research is funded by patients

No increased or ring fenced research funding was offered although argued for

CCGs are to be asked what provision they make for ME services.

A long debate but a good one. If you look at Parliament TV you will find the whole of it. Appearing on You Tube too.

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2 hours 50 minutes

Thank you so much for summarising it so succintly, I don't have the mental energy to go watch it all myself.

This is a really useful summary cwill - thank you! :-)

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