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Sooooo exhausted lately 😴😴

Cant seem to be able to gain any energy an thats with being in rest for days an nights on end dont know what im doing wrong 😫

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Hi MysteriosMel

When you say you are resting, what are you doing? Might sound like a silly question! But sometimes things we think are restful aren't for a person with CFS/ME.


Hi cazzaleo i havent been able to move for days resting in bed or on my sofa watching tv not that i can focus on tv but if i cant sleep i have to look at something coz cant read too exhausted, soaking in hot baths inbetween for the pain ive been out twice in a week an done housework once in this week and just rested the rest of the time just cant seem to recharge at all .... thank u for your reply 🙂


So sorry to hear you’re feeling like that, I totally understand! I find mindfulness is helpful when I’m feeling that bad (and even on better days), I think it helps us to relax and rest properly which really helps our bodies/parasympathetic nervous system. Even watching tv (or trying to!) can be a bit of a demand on our energy.

When the CFS/ME clinic I go to were teaching me about pacing they told me that watching tv is a low or even potential medium activity (in terms of how much energy it takes) rather than something that falls into the rest category.

I appreciated mindfulness/meditation isn’t something that everyone feels comfortable with but I think it’s really helpful. I use a couple of apps (Headspace and Calm) and have a YouTube video I listen to every night before bed but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it during the day - it’s a bodyscan which I really like and find very relaxing!

Hope you feel much better very quickly x


Hi cazzaleo

Thank you for all yr input i will certainly look into it and give these a try... ive not been to me/cfs clinic altho i have been to pain management clinic many years ago with a mix of patients from me/cfs fibromyalgia and injury pain sufferers they taught us about pain relieving strategies and pacing listening to our bodies etc and graded excercise i wonder if this the same ? I dont recall anything about mindfullness tho so this a new one im going to try later when head aches calmed yes i do have tv on coz i need sonething to stop me going into depression mode to take my mind off not being able to anything so il try this mindfullness thank u .... i hope you have an ok day today 🍀