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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone (especially with severe ME) have struggled with their tears? I know this sounds bonkers, but since getting sick, and especially since becoming severely effected by ME I’ve found myself reacting really badly to my tears (crying obviously being the worst culprit). When tears come out my eyes become unbearably swollen and makes my droopy eyes get worse. They are unbearably sore and red for about 24 hours and set of my sinus’ as well as making my headaches worse.

Has anyone else experienced this and found anything to help? I’m starting antihistamines to help with rashes on my face and legs which are separate from this!

Thank you!

Sending you all some spoons and hope everyone is doing ok x

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it does unfortunately sound like allergies .sinus problems are quite common in people with m.e and allergies. hope the anti histamines help you. the phoenix rising site may have more info on this aspect of m.e please check it out as it has over twenty thousand members who discuss many topics relating to the science of m.e and many other things you may find wishes.

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