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The latest symptom crap! Lol!

Still severely swollen on my entire body and it's pitting still. Tried cold baths, Epson salts and raising my legs. No change and getting worse. I had a phone appt with my doctor yesterday and he never called me! I really think that something bad will have to happen in order for my dr to believe me or do something. . I might drag my fat ass to urgent care tomorrow but don't want to. You guys should sign up on Crowd Med and submit your symptoms. They have medical detectives and other patients trying to diagnose you or get you close to one. You can also be a med detective and help solve other patients conditions. Just look up crowd med:)

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Hi again

I can understand your frustration, especially when your GP had an appointment to call you but did not. Did you call the surgery to find out why? He might have been called out urgently.

You know, looking at your legs they are far less swollen than my legs are every day - I know it is worrying you but being dramatic and angry won't help you to get a proper diagnosis.

Why not try the walk in centre and see what they say? Tell them how worried you are, that it distresses you not to know what's going on to make your body swell up.



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