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I’ve been here a while so i thought i’d better say hello

AntSharpeHalf Marathon

So I’ve been enjoying daily updates from you all since around November 2017, when I started C25K. I’ve watched you all progress though 10k, and onto Half / full marathon. It’s been great as your progress has matched my own, and I’ve found a lot of the stories inspirational.

I’m a 46 year old ex 20 a day smoker, and I’m now addicted to running! From C25K in November last year, I have my first half marathon in September, and hoping to complete it in 2 hours. After that, who knows where my journey will lead, but I’ll be here reading about everyone else’s journeys, which gives me inspiration and drive to continue on my own.

Not sure why I suddenly felt the need to say hello, or if I will again, but hi everyone!

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SqkrHalf Marathon

Hello and welcome! 👋 You have a very similar running timeline to me, and a similar target to me too! September is going to be a fun month, huh 😀 Which half are you doing? I will add it to the calendar if you like!

AntSharpeHalf Marathon in reply to Sqkr

Hi, I’m running the Northampton Half Marathon, September 9th. First one so thought I’d keep it local. Really looking forward to it, haven’t even done a park run yet so will be first time running with others.

SqkrHalf Marathon in reply to AntSharpe

Diving in at the deep end—it'll be brilliant! 😀 I've added you to our events list! 🎉🏃🏽‍♂️🏅


Hello AntSharpe! Welcome and best of luck with the Northampton HM!

AntSharpeHalf Marathon in reply to Decker

Hi, very much looking forward to it. Been following you guys for months, getting lots of inspiration. I’ll make sure I let you all know how I do

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