Don't LET sepsis hide in alzheimer dementia patients recovery

Well FOLLOWING hip surgery re my dads fall .. he developed SEPSIS & SHOCK nearly cost him he's life

But is not out of the WOODs yet as he as Acute Kidney Injury & DRY Pneumonia.

Hospital NEVER Told me he had sepsis or shock as the tried to blame is alzheimer dementia NOT infection from surgery cathatisation.

I might ad was left unchecked till i NOTICED he could not pee and he was experiencing BACK pain but on side of HIP surgery.

Also suffered increased confusion delirium eating drinking problems.

HIP surgery masked symptoms of SEPSIS.

I did tell hospital given UTI following surgery could my dad be suffering SEPSIS to be told O no.

But my dads condition deteriorated NOT that hospital tiold me he was going into sepsis shock.

Just said its the pneumonia nothing about tho UTI or 700mil urine that had become infected stuck in him.

Well IT's only when he was emergency catheterized again THEY started treating my dad for SEPSIS

Needless to say i was not happy and they still did not tell me it was sepsis or he was dieing BUT did say about pneumione again.

My DADs alzheimer dementia hip surgery masked he's UTI infection THAT hospital neglect lack of care time given i suspect HE's alzheimer dementia made horror of SEPSIS a reality for me and my dad.

Am doing this post as SEPSIS & HIP SURGERY cathatisation can be deadly if neglected by hospital staff AS sign of SEPSIS SIX in alzheimer dementia patients can be hard to spot given hip surgery

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