Anyone had a PVD ?

Hi there I have Diabetic Macular oedema and now have had 70 + injections ( both eyes) over 6 years. I am not yet 50 but last month had a posterior vitreous detachment ( complete) so I now have a floating ' woodlouse ' shape in my eye this HAS been checked at the hospital and my retina is fine but just wondered if anyone else has had a PVD and if so how long ago and what symptoms did you have - thanks

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  • yes and they didn't seem worried by it and it is about 15 years ago!

  • Did you have a large floater if so did it last for long so far I have had mine for 5 weeks

  • I think there were lots of floaters and flashing lights- lights went away bur I think you get used to the floaters so not sure how long they stayed

  • Hi tallyho

    Yes, I have the same condition. It is a very common conditin in older people, but you, not yet 50, are not yet exactly in that category. It may well be the result of all the injections you have had.

    In short, PVD means that the vitreous gel has become more liquid and has shrunk and pulled away from the retina. It is said not to be harmful to the eye or to your vision, though it can be a bit of a nuisance. The symptoms, mainly floaters, should disappear within 6 months or maybe we just get used to them. Mine are still in one of my eyes, oddly enough, in the 'better eye' after a year and not just in bright light.

    The only risk is that when part of the vitreo membrane remains attached to the retina it can cause a retinal or macular tear. Mine stayed attached for a short while, but freed itself without intervention and caused no damage.

    Best wishes

  • That was really helpful mine is complete is that what you mean by ' freeing itself'

  • Yes. If the membrane is completely detached there is no risk of a tear from it. Mine was still attached to the macula, pulling on it, but only for a short while before it came away from it on its own accord.

  • I had one this weekend. I've just been to get my retina checked out and it seems ok i.e. no tears. I had arc-light flashes, twinkling flashes, new floaters and a gossamer-like veil dangling down. I have existing atrophy on my right retina (from previous CSR) and current CSR in my left eye.

  • PS I'm 47 and short sighted.

  • There are some treatments available for persistant vision damaging floaters one of which is a YAG laser. It is a low power focussing laser.If the condition remains it may be worth querying what can be done.

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