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I have just had a cateract removed 2 days ago and print is all sqiggly and moving. this is a new thing to me. 5 years ago i had a detached retna repaired this left me with wavey lines and distorted vision which i still have. my question is does this condition have a name? Is it macular disease? The hospital were amazing but I don´t have a name for the problem

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  • I have not had a cataract replaced so no experience but in this instance my first call would be back to the hospital PDQ. Almost every cataract op have heard of has been a resounding success. Your experience is not normal.

  • I had a cataract op on my 'good eye' (no MD) last August - the results were immediate - clear vision at a distance. But I now need a strong prescription for close up work as I cannot see with that eye to read or sew or any detail close up so hopefully that will be what is happening to you too! Sorry to read about your experience. As I have distorted and blanked out central vision in my other eye due to macular scarring, I am very aware of visual disturbances. You should definitely talk to your consultant -phone the secretary? Please don't rely on medical advice from us, we are not professionals - can give support and share experiences but not advice. Good luck and take care of yourself. X

  • Hi jings03. Do have it checked out the sooner the better. Although apparently a new lens can take up to a week to settle down what you are descibing just doesn't sound right. Good luck! Let us know how you are getting on. A name for it? I don't know. Just call it a bit of a beggar after having gone through the ordeal of the op.

  • I'm so sorry about your vision. I'll be praying

  • Hello Jings03,

    I suggest that you arrange to get your eyes examined by an eye care professional; since you have just had a cataract operation, the eye department where the operation was carried out should be your first port of call.

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

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