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Sensitivity to sunlight INCREASED after treatment?

Hello UK,

Has anyone experienced increased senstivity to sunilight after getting injections?

I've been sensitive to sunlight for 15 years prior to diagnosis of AMD but after nearly two years of injections in my wet eye and following diet and taking my Areds vitamins- even my expensive polarized prescription sunglasses cannot block enough light for my eyes--yes the wet AND the dry eye.


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Hi hollyg, increased sensitivity to light is one of the documented side effects of Lucentis (as per their own website). It says to contact your clinic.

Although when I've rung my clinic on a couple of things they seem very laid back and unconcerned.

Don't know if same side effects appy to other inj.


Dear Hollyg,

Individuals with AMD generally tend to be more sensitive to sunlight and it particularly tends to be the glare produced by the blue light in the spectrum which is an issue. Ordinary sunglasses don't protect against this. Therefore it is worth considering anti-glare protection spectacles.

Please see the following link:

We do also have a list of suppliers details, which I could email or post to you.

Our helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Our email address is:

Kind regards,


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