just diagnoised with chronic md

today i was diagnoised with chronic md,what does this mean? the consultant told me theres nothing he can do for me,i had my eyes tested 2wks ago and had an emergency appointment for today. my eyes were tested 2 yrs ago before that,my consultant told me it should of been picked up then,but it wasnt!! all iv been told today is that i am being referred to a specialist in the optic nerve my appointment is in may does anyone know why they would look at the optic nerve.i have had blurred vision on an off in the last 12 months,but just thought i needed stronger glasses,on the amsler grid all the lines were wavy.im 47 yrs old which iv been told is young to get this and this is all i know,as you can imagine im in shock at the minute.replys much appretiated,tracey.

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  • What is chronic md? What's it stand for? He didn't give you an explanation?? I've had optic neuritis. I don't know if that's anything like it?

  • Hi,

    A chronic type of MD usually refers to a 'wet type' of the condition which can often be treated, particularly if caught in its early stages. The description 'wet' refers to a small leak/bleed/haemorrhage at the back of the eye. This can scar the macular and cause central vision loss. Treatment can often stop the progress of the condition and hold remaining sight stable.

    Please call our helpline 0300 30 30 111 if you would like to have a chat with someone. We can arrange to send you some appropriate literature.

    I hope that this is helpful.


    Macular Society

  • Hi Tracey,

    This is a difficult one to answer. At 47 you would not have 'age related' macular degeneration (MD); I suspect 'chronic' referred to the fact you had develop a 'wet' type of MD; but I think the cause perhaps needs to be investigated. Are you diabetic or myopic; these conditions can cause macular problems in earlier life? The issue regarding a referral to an optic nerve specialist is I am afraid outside of our scope of expertise at the Macular Society. I think you should perhaps call our helpline, (0300 30 30 111) for a chat because there are too many 'variables' to cover on the forum.


    Best wishes


  • hi andy,thankyou for replying to me.no im not diabetic or myopic, i know that it is unusual for someone my age to get md.Il give the helpline a call as it will be nice to speak to someone,as when i was with the consultant my mind went blank,and the questions i need answering came to me afterwards.

    thankyou again.


  • I was told by my consultant I had dry going into wet AMD but now they are saying its Macular Dystrophy which both apparently can be hyredetary ,evn tho I don't know of anyone having this in my family maybe your could be the latter

  • thankyou for your reply yes a few other people have mentioned this to me,i will certainly be asking my consultant if this could be the case with me.as quite a few family members wear glasses and so do 2 of my grandchildren who are very young,although none have been diagnosed with this condition,maybe it is something they should be aware of in the future.

    thankyou again for replying


  • Hi Traylee1234 I have just been diagnosed with dry AMD and I am trying to accept it, I don't know much about it but I was interested in your letter. You have my utmost empathy. I am 48 and I have had trouble with my eyes for the past 3 years, only thanks to my optician did I get a referral to eye clinic. I am waiting to see GP to find out how severe it is. Good luck with your appointment.

  • doctor said no treatment for dry amd which I already knew, I wanted a positive consultation but sorry I bothered

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