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Check out the doctor

this is a question I asked in forum.there is now a website site where you can check out local tradesmen for any work you want done on house extra.well I happen to think my/your health is more important than material things so why can't we check out the rhuemy/specialist we're assigned to.all I wanted was to know if there is anyway I can get feedback on the rhuemy I'm going to see and if he/she were any good.I don't believe everybody out there are good at what they do no matter what the profession is.x

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I have a rheumy who I have seen for five minutes a year ago, it would appear the registrars are not allowed to make any decisions on their own, so treatment is neither the best or the fastest. I am lucky in that some of my customers (I'm self employed) are also patients and between us we have decided that the consultant is good but overworked and overcontrolling. We should be able to find out the consultants rating I agree, maybe the best thing would be to tactfully ask the other patients at the clinic when you get your appointment. I have no confidence in my rheumy but luckily for me (maybe that's not right, the lucky bit) I have been referred by my gp to a dematologist in the same hospital who obviously appreciated the problems wth the rheummy and took decisions himself. I couldn't agree more that not everyone is good at their job, but other than asking the other patients I have not found a way of finding out the doctors abilities.


Thank you for reply I also think it would be good for hospitals if they had a site for patients feedback or maybe not lol


Hi Letslaugh,

I agree we should be able to check our drs Im lucky in I have a very good rheumy who gives me time but that has not always been so Ive had some off puting rheumys or to be honest one she didnt think I had any right to ask questions so I took a trained nurse with me who was nor prepared to move untill we had answers no matter how long it took.AND WE GOT THEM(YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Good luck Judith


Ty wood I agree we should be able to check them out may even make the not so good ones pull their socks up if every Hosp had a feedback forum on their Hosp x


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