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Rheumatology results

Going back to get my blood results tomorrow after my first visit at rheumatology, having a few mixed feelings.....even though I have Raynauds and now diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Query Connective tissue.....I am feeling nervous and scared at the same time as being glad that I am finally getting somewhere towards a diagnosis of some kind after years of going to the GP with different symptoms .....Its what the possible diagnosis is that is giving me the jitters.....even though reading the posts on here I realise that I am getting off quite lightly with this auto immune stuff,makes for scary reading some of it !!.....I feel silly for worrying when I haven't even had the results yet and I am not blinkered in the fact that this could be just the start of many more tests hospital visits etc and I know stress is not good.... she may even tell me to get lost nowt wrong with me (is that just wishful thinking!!)....sorry for the longish post I suppose what I am really trying to say is I am bricking it ;)

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Good luck! I've got mine in a few weeks, so can totally understand how you feel! Please keep us updated! :)


Yes, good luck! You may not get all the answers today but that's the problem with lupus/auto immune symptoms.

At my rheum dept, everyone has been lovely and I have total faith in my consultant. It has taken a year for things to settle down but they have, that's the main thing. Our symptoms are slow to improve and the meds take months to get into our systems.

All the best!


Hi kaz the first thing is to except you may be in for a bit of a ride as my doctor put it lol, and take it all one step at a time. A sort of what will be will be attitude. It's a very scary time isn't it lady but you can't change it so face it all. Sounds harsh but I / 'we.!! Can take control of our approach to what's happening to us. I personally when told I had acute rheumatoid arthritis and now fibromyalgia stuck out my chest took a deep breath and said ok then what can you do to help me and how can I live as normal as possible?? I had never heard of fibromyalgia but at least I had an answer for my extreme pain I am living with. I waited so long and so many needles and tests and questions and even being looked at as tho I was trying to get on benefits. and because I look ok forcing me back to work awful times. All that and the health problems on top make for a very difficult time if you let it. Kaz it's not easy but be proactive ask for the rite pills ask questions and take each visit at a time x the staff at the hospitals are a great help there's groups on face book even for fibromyalgia ect there's lots of us out here. Good luck chin up keep up the fight xxxx Dillwyn x


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