Where in the UK do you live?

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  • You can now use the 'People near me' feature in Healthunlocked to contact other members of the site who live close to you. To opt in to this facility, click on your username in the green bar at the top of the page and then select 'people near me' from the menu.

    To find a LUPUS UK Regional Support Group near you, you can use the Regional Group Finder on the LUPUS UK website at lupusuk.org.uk/regional-gro...

  • What about those people from other countries? It would be interesting to see how wide the forum's reach is . . .

  • There is an option for those outside of the UK to select. Unfortunately I can only have a maximum of eight options for the poll, so I was rather limited with regards to the range of answers I could include.

  • Hi I am from Cumbria would like to know how many people have around my area

  • hi only two people in my Docters practise me being one

  • I live in Sheffield, south yorkshire.

  • I'm in Bath Somerset

  • East anglia

  • I'm from Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

  • I thought it would be more specific than just the country. England has several regions, but Scotland is always portrayed as the big blob somewhere north of London Town. I hate that so much.

  • Hi Liesel, apologies but this was due to only being able to include a maximum of eight options for the poll. Hopefully the areas are not overly dissimilar based on population figures, rather than landmass.

  • I live in Florida USA

  • I hear you Liesel. We feel slighted too. Any weather forcast says North and include from Midlands through to Scotland. Whenever the London word is mentioned and rain, we offer to have a whip round to buy an umbrella! The old "north of Watford Gap" idea.

    We love Scotland and always comment when you are lumped together! You have supporters!!!


  • From Ashford Kent 😊

  • I live in the East of England which isnt on here !! :(

  • Cheshire which is North West, this doesn't appear either so placed myself in north.

  • Hi, I live in North London. Borough of Barnet, would be good to talk to others nearby too.


  • I used to live in London now I live in Lebanon but every few minths I see Dr. Khamashta at the London Lupus center in London Bridge hospital

  • I am in Basingstoke , Hampshire. Anyone near me ? πŸ˜†

  • North East uk

  • Plymouth in supposed sunny Devon!

  • Newcastle

  • East Anglia

  • Pembroke Dock Pembrokeshire.SW Wales.

  • Belgium

  • Cos Cob CT

  • The State of Massachusetts, USA.

    Go Red Sox! 😁

  • Bradford

  • California, USA. Lived in Windsor 2011 to2013 which is where I learned about the wonderful site. I still follow each day and find it very helpful and informative.

  • Kent

  • interesting results

  • North London 😜

  • I'm from Coventry

  • I live in warwickshire

  • Scarborough

  • I am in Canterbury in the south east

  • I live in Louisiana USA but this site has made me feel a lot less lonely about having lupus. I've gotten very good help and suggestions on here. :)

  • I live in County Durham.

  • I am from West London

  • I live in East Yorkshire

  • Arizona USA

  • Love & Hugs from UK

  • Bournemouth, Dorset

  • I confess that I'm the instigator of this poll. Since I've joined this site in 2012 I've noticed that most of the sufferers seem to be in the South East or the North. I'm curious why that is, particularly now when I see the results of the poll.

    It would have been great to have a better granularity of results but as Paul says, there aren't enough options on the software to allow each region in the UK.

    I've been thinking about these clusters ever since the news that 9/11 firefighters etc exhibited autoimmunity symptoms after supporting the recovery effort. And I thought - the environment seems to be the common denominator. The original premise was that lupus sufferers are somehow predisposed through their genetic make up to develop lupus if certain set of factors combine, such as age, menopause, genes, stress, viruses.

    But the likelihood that all these firefighters in the U.S. who randomly came together to help and ended up with autoimmune diseases, all these people having a genetic predisposition to lupus - no way, that's not likely.

    Now I have to figure out what is it in the London/South East and the North that makes so many of us get this. I wish some environmental agency would do this instead, I have no experience whatsoever but I do want yo get to the bottom of what causes this anomaly that's called autoimmunity.

  • OK, you're forgiven. Every poll does the same thing and I just get annoyed with it!


  • I live in Australia

  • Rainy (at the moment) Cardiff!!

  • East Anglia

  • Near Ashford Kent

  • live in crewe

  • Oldham, Lancashire

  • Kent/East Sussex border

  • I've learned that it's based on population. Yeah, I know. But I feel it sends out the message that we're just kilties, sheep and haggis and we all live on a croft in the wilds! By the way what on earth are the Western Isles and as for Orkney and Shetland, the must be part of Norway!

    Angry Liesel Grrrrrrr

  • Costa rica

  • Argyll, Scotland

  • I live in N Ireland

  • East London

  • Western Canada

  • What a good idea I live in the Midlands , newark notts

  • U.S.

  • West Sussex

  • United States of America in Texas

  • I live in Arizona USA but I love all the people on Lupus YK.

  • I live in Northern Ireland and find this site very helpful. I have Sjogrens/ Lupus.

  • hi I live in Cumbria ..i have lupus raynards . Sjorgens . Uticaria ..and nerve damage ( which they don't think is connected) ..i have a very good rhumetoloygist and Dermotologist .docters ok very understanding but don't know much about lupus .

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