Are you in the Rhesus Negative/Positive blood group?

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  • If that mean I'm A lupus survivor yes

  • Don't know how would I know?

  • A rhesus negative. Found out when I was pregnant, apparently rare :/

  • How can one be neither RhD positive or negative?

  • You can't baba; your blood either has the rhesus factor or it doesn't. Oops, have we influenced the outcome of the poll?

  • I'm negative so what does this mean then?

  • ive been told im a- blood type and have double stranded dna

  • I was akways told that being Rh negative would complicate pregnancies due to the probability that a child would be Rh positive. They gave me a shot to deal with my baby being Rh positive, and it gave me serum sickness...

  • Looking this up, it is interesting to note that only 8% to 15% of any population is negative, so why are so many lupus patients negative?

  • How can you be 'neither'.

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