Have you experienced seizures as a symptom of lupus? (Please give more details in a comment)

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  • Hi, I have had seizures due to lupus, fifteen years after being diagnosed, had two major ones,on meds now and only get the odd little one, consultant said, brain shut down,to much going on Sle and pain,had MRI later, showed I had clot at sometime that left scarring, due to APS. Always had bad migraine, long before I was diagnosed, maybe that was the start of symptoms.

  • This summer I ended up in hospital due to a seizure, didn't know at that time I had sle. Done tests and scan but thankfully nothing showed up. I think it was all the symptoms plus a two week holiday in the sun! Etc. my body couldn't cope I guess , I'm on medication now and trying to learn my limits but it so hard. I really don't wont to go down that road again.

  • I've said yes but I'm not sure of the cause I've just experienced this, two at end of October (a couple of hours apart) and one yesterday.

  • hi, thats what happened to me,i had two in a space of four hours,didnt no what hit me,woke up in hosp,then woke up three days later,in another hosp, was in college,(first day) was feeling really weird for months,never ever thought id have fits,

  • I am unsure, but possibly. Something sent me unconscious whilst shopping many years back. I was tested for all sorts but there was no absolute answer to what caused it. Whatever it was occurred before my symptoms stepped up a gear.

  • I had seizures, back in November 2012. I also had unresponsiveness, and bad tachycardia, was in ICU for a week. Spent 3 weeks in acute and 3 weeks in rehab, lost a lot of strength in my lower body and struggled to walk. Bad times, seems to be under control now, get minor issues every now and again, I get memory blanks, and bouts (HITS) of feeling just generally unwell. Kinda get over talking about it, so don't mention them to anyone, but sometimes its hard to hide.

  • I had one batch of seizure before being diagnosed with lupus this wasn't why I was diagnosed but they connected it to this so therefore I have only had one and they called it a seizure its just not known why I had it

  • Was treated falsely for epilepsy for 10 years for scarring on the brain. I had a seizure when life was very tiring and stressful. It has since been attributed to SLE

  • Though never having seizures, I once had oligoclonal bands in my spinal fluid with a consant "twitchy" feeling ( small seizures continuously?). When lupus attacks the brain, it can manifest with symptoms if MS--even brain lesions are not uncommon in lupus. Because these autoimmune diseases don't obey rules, they can mix portions if several conditions.

  • Was prediagnosis, I was treated for epilepsy, but not ever fully diagnosed.

  • I had a major pain flare and went to hospital as it was over a holiday weekend woke up was transported to a different hosp neurology unit I apparently on arriving at doctors was so ill was put into a wheelchair and admitted I was told two full seizure within five minutes was thought to have had a heart attack but later was not mentioned seizures were put down to vasculitis but I think I was over dosed for pain treatment Since this and after various doctors was placed on keppra twice daily which I am still on and as I drive cannot risk coming off medication

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