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how safe is cbd oil

i am on too many harmful drugs and would like too find a more natural alternative

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Welcome to LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) at HealthUnlocked.

It is very important to state that you must not take anything without the knowledge and approval of your lupus specialist.

There is a myth that says that "natural" products cannot do any harm. This is untrue. There are many "natural" products that can harm lupus patients in numerous ways. For example, certain "natural" or "herbal" Chinese products can attack the kidneys, which could be potentially fatal for patients with lupus nephritis. There are "natural" products that can work against the medication prescribed, meaning they will not work as well/. Alternatively, there are "natural" products, such as St John's Wort, that is a mild antidepressant, which taken with prescribed anti-depressants, will give an over dose.

It would be potentially harmful to either stop taking your prescribed medication, or choose to take something that potentially can be harmful.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, is an autoimmune condition that can attack any body system. This means that if you decide not to take medication which, I agree, can be toxic, you run the risk of potentially damaging your own body.

My advice: speak with your lupus specialist about your concerns, but neither stop, nor take anything without the knowledge of your own doctor.

We also have another website called the LuPUS Message Board where you can also post questions and talk to other people. Registration is FREE and we offer free information and free online psychological support. We specialise in psychological support with our own counsellor/psychotherapist available.

By becoming a Member, you will have access to the private forums and because they are private, only Members have access and even bots and search engines are forbidden.

Please use the following to complete the Date of Birth entry: nn-nn-nnnn where n=number. Thus, if your birthday is 5th May 1968, enter: 05-05-1968. Use the “-“ separator and not the “/“.

Finally, please go to: lupus-support.org/ and Sign Up.

I look forward to talking with you more!

Sometimes we need to talk to people who understand and who are not family or friends.

With good wishes!


Disclaimer: No attempt is made to diagnose or to make any medical judgement. You are advised to seek the advice from your own physician. LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) is not a substitute for your own doctor.


A great GP referred me to nimh.org.uk - register of licensed Medicinal Herbalists - they always check the drugs you are on to make sure there isn’t a clash. I have improved greatly. Good luck


My Doctor GP prescribed my CBD oil and my APS Dr, is aware and said to be careful. I've been taking it 9-10 months and feel good. A lot of amazing things have happened, not only with these illnesses. i.e. I sleep much better, my anxiety level in crowds are now manageable. No sugar cravings anymore! etc....I'll still have some bad days with symptoms, but not like what they were and I can attribute the bad days to staying up late, doing too much, etc. weather (especially humidity).

The biggest plus is I don't have partial seizures anymore. The seizure medication was brutal. I told my neurologist I was going off and was going to try CBD oil instead. She supported me on that. The day I started the oil my seizures stopped. (Everyone is different). There was a 2 week period I couldn't get the CBD oil (out of stock) and my seizures came back. Once I received my order two weeks later, I haven't had a seizure since. I now know to double my orders as to not get stuck again w/o it ever again. I'm thrilled with it. Hope my story helps. Holly

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Hi Hihannula, I was very encouraged to hear your experience and definitely want to try it now , but, I think I will check and make sure that it will not clash with any of the many drugs I have to take. Thanks for replying.


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