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Feeling terrible

Feeling terrible last few weeks feel like I have hang over plus aches and pains any ideas ? Aziophrine was put up to 200mg daily from 150 in February for my lupus sle

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I'm having the same issue, still on 150 azathioprine. I am exhausted (fatigue) and feel as though I have been beaten. I try to rest, but nothing seems to be helping. :( Sorry I can't help just emapthize.


I am sorry to read you are so unwell. How long have you been on AZA? Have you been able to contact your specialist?

Would you like to say a littler more about yourself?

Don't underestimate the power of empathy! We all need that, so I hope you will feel here that we care about you too!

With good wishes,



Dear Tim,

As I suggested to you earlier, you really need to see your GP and run standard blood tests to see what may be going on. Unfortunately, blood tests don't always show the full picture. I remember Dr Graham RV Hughes telling me, that sometimes, blood tests lag behind what is going on with the patient. At other times, blood tests may be "normal" or "unremarkable" which is why we need SLE specialists. Not every rheumatologist is expert in lupus!

It can take a while for AZA to kick in and as you know, you are started on a low dose, to see whether you can tolerate the drug and then it is readjusted according to your weight.

Go and see your GP. If you can't get an earlier appointment with Prof. Hunt, then ask your GP to contact her for advice.

Please keep me posted to see how you are!

With good wishes,


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