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My appointment with my doctor for Lupus is August 18th

I know he's going to do the usual ask me about my symptoms and read up on a blood panel test but what I really want to discuss with him it's how the brain fog has been affecting me it's making me miss appointments to making me have to redo all these appointments it's just been very difficult for me to do normal past I can't pay attention and I can't stay awake I'm so tired I'm hoping that he can write me a prescription to help me my doctor said that he would but I couldn't think of a medication at the time and now there's one for ADHD that helps with this but I couldn't think of the name of time I want to try to find the name of it before my appointment with my lupus doctor hopefully he can help me planning this wedding like this is very hard

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Ask you Rhemy about the meds that can affect your brain as well. I use lots of message all around the house to help me. When I forget I look at my calendar task for the day.

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That is a useful idea!


You have been under a great emotional strain and I think this adds to the "brain fog" that is familiar with those with lupus.

It is very important that you:

1. Get sufficient sleep and rest, which I do not think is the case currently.

2. To try and lessen your stress levels without, if possible, more medication. We have talked about this in another post.

3. I think it would help if you could really talk to someone, your doctor or a therapist. This would be my recommendation. You have so many pent up feelings and emotions that is causing you a great deal of distress.

4. When you see your doctor, describe what has been going on in your life.

With good wishes,


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